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Thursday, March 1, 2012


I've been so proud of myself, getting to school every day (well, except yesterday because of the flu) and all on my lonesome. Going to the Y even with my mom is difficult, but Tuesday I went inside the school building when i picked my brother up and chatted with the school secretary *who I don't know*!
Then someone came over for dinner *sigh*. I've met this guy before, he's a friend of my brother's. Nice enough guy, no problems with him. But I felt uncomfortable sitting at the dinner table with him. So I sat next to my step dad, because usually this guy sits at the very end of the table, so I figured I'd be sandwiched between my brother and my dad. Nope.
I could feel my arm twitching every time his came too close to me while he was eating. It wasn't even that close. I scarfed dinner and scooted out from the table behind my step dad. So. Friggin'. Aggravating. Home territory and I can't even sit next to someone I don't know very well without getting twitchy. *facepalm*
Luckily, he's a nice and very non-judgemental sort of kid, because I'm pretty darn sure he noticed.

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