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Monday, March 26, 2012

Day 1 of the New Quarter

So first day of the new quarter and I only had one class today, Fundamentals of Music. The teacher seems really good, but holy crap is she intense! Kind of intimidating in a good way, and I think (hope) I'm going to get a lot out of this class. I like teachers who are very clear in what they want you to do and have high expectations (as opposed to unrealistic). I'm gonna learn how to read music! Yay!!
My little laptop is starting to have hiccups and one of the USB ports has gone out, so I knew it was time for a new computer. I was going to go with a desktop because I couldn't find a laptop cheaper, but my mom convinced me that getting a (larger) laptop was the better choice. So I went a-hunting on the interwebs and found one...for cheaper than the desktop I was originally going to get!! yay!! It'll get here in a week or two.
My mom and I also sat down and tried to figure the next year out financially. I can *almost* make it with what I'm getting in finaid and such, but not quite. So hopefully either I get disability or miraculously find some sort of work that I can actually do. *sigh* I don't even need to make that much. Couple hundred a month and I would be SET. Welp, here's hoping.
Ooooh, I meant to post some spring pictures, but I'm tired and don't want to disconnect things just to upload the pictures. Next time! I won't promise though ;).
Almost able to be "Fighting!" once this sinus crap passes. Too loopy to be that energetic right now...

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