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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I may be indecisive, but...

I really am incredibly indecisive. I will go back and forth on a decision, weighing every pro and con imaginable before I even come close to making a decision. That's just the way I operate. BUT. But...When I do decide on a plan of action, I make it happen. I plan for it and do my utmost to make sure that decision will be successful. Hence the reason that after finally making the decision to move to Arizona I have started planning. I won't be moving for a year, but there is a lot to take care of and I am not going to leave it to the last minute. I have a faculty advisor and I am going to start the process of getting myself into the University of Arizona's linguistics program. I'm not applying or anything, but I am specifically working towards that program and that will affect what classes I take. I have already decided that I will be driving, and am hoping to buy my brother's car. I have a ballpark idea of how much money I'll need for gas (and anticipating that prices are only going to go up within the next year). When I get a chance I'm going to buy a set of driving maps (you can get dry erase ones for planning purposes ;) ). As long as I'm careful not to accumulate too much stuff in the interim, I will be able to pack everything into the car I'm hoping to buy. And if I don't buy that car it will be a similar car, so I know my stuff will fit. :)
But what about furniture? I've already scoped out the local craigslist to see how active it is, and since it is an area with a lot of military families I anticipate having no problems on at least finding a futon mattress and desk (the two essentials for a broke student!). I will have a place to stay when I get there, which will allow me to establish myself. I will also have a support system in the form of TomandWendy. If I'm very careful (which I plan to be) I will also have at least a little bit of a safety net, financially. Not a huge one, but enough to get me through until I get FinAid sorted out there. The other thing I have to figure out is my meds and finding a sliding scale mental health provider down there.
I've had a lot of people gripe about my indecisiveness, but anybody who really knows me knows that when I decide to do something, it gets done. I'm not looking forward to driving through SoCal and the southwest in the summertime, but I am looking forward to seizing my future :).
Fighting! :D :D :D

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