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Friday, March 23, 2012


So I was trying to further my ongoing math studies (so i can test out higher in the placement test) and hit a brick wall. I know it was me and not the math, because it should have been easy. It was basic unit conversion. I do this in my *head* for goodnesses sake. In my defense they used larger numbers than I normally work with, but it was still. GAH. Total fail on my part. I kept messing up basic multiplication and addition. I mean...that's just SAD. two plus one is three, not two *sigh*.
On other fronts things are going better (hopefully). New quarter starts Monday and I'm completely stoked. On Tuesday I have a meeting with my faculty advisor after classes. I called the University of Arizona to get some information on transferring down there, got some of the information right off the bat had to email for more so that'll take a couple of days. The biggest thing is that I'm going to be transferring from a quarter system to a semester system, which makes things a little less than straightforward.
I just need math to sink into my brain so I can get this done. I don't have to have my AA done in order to transfer to UoA, but it's something I need to do personally, and if I don't get math through my thick skull and test out high enough I'm not going to be able to make that goal.
I wish I could say "Fighting!" but in all honesty my head hurts too much for me to feel that optimistic.

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