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Monday, February 27, 2012

Cole Porter

I am a huge Cole Porter fan. I less than three Cole Porter. Completely. Listening to Cole Porter songs is a guaranteed mood elevator for me. It's not just the lyrics, it's the music and lyrics working together so perfectly. Whenever I listen to Cole Porter music (as sung by pretty much anyone, but particularly if sung by him) I feel this odd...connection. His lyrics and music just have a direct line to my heart and make it sigh with relief and relaxation.
Hmm...Maybe I should make a Cole Porter song my next project. I mean, it's going to take awhile to learn Korean and write a song ;). I like teaching myself songs, because singing makes me happy. I don't need someone to hear me, in fact it tends to make me self-conscious. I just love the sensation of singing. It's like...hmmm...Well, when I describe how speaking Russian in class was for me, I liken it to cotton candy. It's fun to roll through my mouth and dissipates off my tongue leaving a pleasant sensation. Singing is like hot chocolate, it warms the cockles of me heart ;).
Hmm...perhaps I should embarass myself. Why not?
This is the song I know best in the world :). My grandpa used to sing it to me when I was a kid, well, he sang it to all of us and I think every one of the grandkids can probably still sing it from memory. I recorded this...I'm not sure, maybe a year ago? something like that. And for no particular reason. Cuz that's how I roll ;)

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