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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Nerd Power!

I am sooo gettin' my nerd on right now. Jammin' around doing the happy nerd dance. I was on the waitlist for Linguistic Anthropology and the teacher let me and the other waitlisted student overenroll into her class. Happy Dance! Happy Day!
Seriously, I cannot express my nerdy joy. We'll be studying some of the opposing views of Linguistic Anthropology and be given an introduction to Neurolinguistics and! and! and!
Ahem. So, yeah, I am a big fan of the humanities and social sciences if you hadn't guessed. I think that's one of the things that makes me waver on the library science thing, because there are things like foreign language, linguistics and cultural anthropology! Though, really, the first two are the ones that really appeal. Communication is fun, and learning about different cultures is fun. Learning about different cultures is even more fun if you're learning from the source rather than a book. I've learned a lot of things from people that I never would have learned from a book...
I remember doing a project on Pavlov's House in my Russian class (which to date has been my favourite class, but LA might top it, we'll see...) and I did all kinds of research and put a powerpoint presentation together. The day I was to present it I started talking to one of my Russian customers at work. She was a very well-educated woman and I told her about my project. Which is when I learned sometimes books miss some of the real history. See...everything I'd read said that Pavlov had no functioning higher officer to tell him what to do. Turns out that that was not true. There was a wounded lieutenant present and he ordered a retreat. But Pavlov was a staunch Stalinist and Stalin had ordered the building held, so Pavlov ignored the order and held the building. The story of Pavlov's House (google it if you haven't heard of it, it is pretty epic) is a really cool story, but I feel like erasing that lieutenant from the story takes something away from it. Keep in mind, this was a bit of oral history I was told, so it may be wrong, but...It is a very probable story.

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