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Friday, January 27, 2012

Day 3

Day 3 is a picture of my most treasured item
Yes, it's my computer. Why is it my most treasured item? Because it's my primary form of communication and helps me access worlds, countries and cultures far beyond the borders of my small bit of the country. It's a tiny little laptop, so it is extremely portable, which allows me that access anywhere i may need to go.


  1. I have a mini laptop. A pink one. XD Although I get tired easily so I don't carry it with me unless I need to.

    Right now, I am in an advanced Finnish course so I take it with me. I feel so awesome typing notes in class with it. And using the free school wi-fi to maybe check out Facebook during the boring parts. And possibly download some updates, since I don't have wi-fi at my place... :P

    1. Mine is nice size-wise. I've carried it in a purse before. I should probably get an actual case for it but I am beyond broke lol.
      See, that is why I don't generally take my computer to class...I am *way* too ADD to resist temptation ;)