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Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 6

Day 6 is a picture of a favourite memory. This was hard, but narrowed down quite a bit by the fact that I've lost a lot of pictures over the years :(. So
That's my bfam on the left :). He and my friend Emily used to plan the most fabulous themed parties. This picture is from their USO ww1/ww2 themed party. I dressed as Carmen Miranda, the only problem was I could not find plastic fruit *anywhere*. I looked and looked and looked, but finally the day of the party arrived...and I had to buy real fruit. There was no way I could carry that on my head for the entire party, so I just put it on for the inevitable photo op ;). There's actually a few pictures of me in that costume, but I love this one the best because Tyler and Andrea (the girl on the right) were the most fun to take pictures with :).
It was a glorious night. There was music, dancing (but not for me, the ankle I broke was still pretty bad then), fireworks and karaoke ;). I hopped on stage for the group bits (my friends made sure I had a chair). My favourite was when we all sang along to "I Will Survive".

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