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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mixed bag

The week thus far has been a mixed bag of annoyances and awesomeness. Actually...I'm not sure annoyances is a strong enough word for my feelings regarding racism, inadvertent or otherwise. I mean, one of  the incidents definitely falls more under the "annoying" category, because it was from Mrs. White Republican. I am certain that she wasn't intending any sort of racism, but....GAH. SO STUPID. I mean, she was going on about a guy and how he was offended by her short shorts...she wasn't sure if he was offended by her short shorts...well, his kids were with him so he might have been offended by her short shorts. Why? Because he was wearing a flippin' turban. Oh! Also, initially she didn't want to use the word "turban" because she thought it might be offensive. Really? With everything else you said you thought the word "turban" would be offensive?
I messaged my bfam and much hilarity was had at her expense. She's such a sweet lady that I feel kind of guilty, She's the one who decided a guy was offended by her because he was wearing a turban. If he hadn't been wearing a turban she would just have thought he was checking her out! Which she as much as admitted. But, again, hilarity was had, and she's such a nice lady that I couldn't stay offended for long. It's not like she was saying something hateful....
 So why did I post a video to a racist rant? Because I actually encountered this chingchong shit in real life. There's a classmate I've been hanging out with and showing all sorts of international music videos to. They were primarily Korean, so this came out of the blue for me. I was showing him a MV by Miyavi (a Japanese visual kei star), when he pulls out the ching chong shit. I'm not sure if my jaw dropped literally, but it definitely did metaphorically. "Dude, that's kinda racist..." He got a snitty look on his face and replied "I'm exercising my right to free speech."
I've decided that I will be exercising my right to free silence from now on. He and Mr. "All Europeans have the same accent" can have fun with their brainless conversations.
HOWEVER. Hilarity was still had at his expense with my friend the Japanese women's lit major ;).
Racism is not funny. However, stupidity tends to be and I have yet to find an intelligent argument for rascism. So, racists of the world, keep it coming. I'll still laugh at you and refuse to take you seriously because you lack the intelligence to be interesting in any other way.

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