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Friday, April 13, 2012


I'm not surprised that I got another denial letter. I'm kind of torn, but...I don't think I'll continue pursuing disability, partially because they have their heads up their asses so far it's a wonder they see the light of day. I mean...c'mon. The only jobs I'm qualified for involve working with the public and yet SOCIAL PHOBIA could not in any way affect my ability to work? Wow, special. I feel kind of like going to their offices in Olympia and saying to them "Y'all say that I can work and support myself in spite of my laundry list of disorders. That these disorders do not, in fact, affect my ability to perform job functions. I am willing to work. So find me this mythical customer service job where I can do my job without interacting with the public and I will be ALL over that shit."
In other news I've been feeling kind of pissy lately.
In other other news I have no fucking clue how I'm going to come up with the money to buy a car when I can't work. Well, I could work if I had the qualifications for the jobs that don't require working with the public. That would include having a reliably functioning body. Which I don't have. So yaaaay! I'd create a Chip-in thingummy, but that would just be awkward "Hey, I can't work, but the state says I can and I need a car so I can move to a different state where I also won't be able to work! :D "
In yet other news Fighting!

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