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Thursday, December 22, 2011

On a frivolous note...

So I like K-Drama. A lot. I keep starting different series before I'm done with another. It's just so fun! It's not just the eye candy (though that's nice too), it's the whole aesthetic. The K-Dramas that I like (mostly contemporary romantic comedies) remind of the I Love Lucy days, because it seems like anything goes! They'll take what to American eyes might seem like a ridiculous concept and create a beautiful and sweet story around it. I'll be honest, figuring out how the drama ends is never a challenge, what *is* a challenge is figuring out how they're going to get there. A really good show will keep me tense an on the edge of my seat, waiting for the next twist. An okay show will leave me relaxed and anticipating the twist that's coming. Either way I have fun. I think it's silly not to admit that sometimes we just want to watch something for fun. Not to better ourselves, not to watch some dramatic tale...some shows are just cotton candy. Everyone needs some cotton candy sometimes! It runs the gamut, from cotton candy, to popcorn, to Toblerone, to a full on six course meal (I'll be honest, I generally don't watch the last type of show, too ADD!).
The other thing about K-Drama is how much *fun* it is to watch with a fellow fan. There is much squeeing and bouncing and maybe just a bit of MST3King ;). I miss my friend's daughter, she was my K-Drama bud, we would squeal and jump up and down and pause a show just to catch our breath *sigh*. I have another friend who I can watch with, but I have a feeling it'll be a different watching experience, an equally good but different watching experience. I can't wait. But before I start another series with her...maybe I should finish the five series I have going right now. Heh.

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