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Warning the second: TMI often occurs. Read at your own risk. Feel free to laugh at my expense (I know I do!).
Warning the third: I suppose I should just put a general Trigger Warning here. I talk about mental illness (Anxiety, panic disorder, depression, social shit), abuse (rarely), and my fucked up relationship with food. And...other things. Actually, just consider this a general warning: If you might be triggered by things, you probably should read no further.

Saturday, December 10, 2011


A sense of humour is sometimes the only way to survive. If you can laugh you can get through it. There is no situation where helping someone smile or laugh is not going to do good. I will do my best to make someone smile even at a funeral, because seriously, if the person you are mourning wouldn't want you to smile they were probably an asshole anyways and might need to have their headstone teepeed. But the type of person who deserves that kind of reaction isn't really going to have any mourners, so it's a moot point.
Every situation can be got through with humour. You don't have to laugh at the situation at hand, but if you can bring yourself to laugh about *something* you'll get through it. Laugh GODDAMNIT. There is too much joy in the world not to partake of it. You want to laugh? I'll tell you something awful and hilarious. When my anxiety/panic disorder gets reallyreallyreally brain thinks it sees zombies. Swear to God, even though I know zombies don't exist, my brain is convinced that if i turn around I'll see I don't turn around. It's friggin' hilarious when it's not happening, and you know what? I am glad my brain thinks it sees zombies, because I can laugh at that. I love Zombieland and Land of the Dead, but can't really watch many others. But I love that there is such a ridiculous genre because it makes it easier to laugh my way through anything. Because being able to laugh my way out of panic and fear is a fantastic feeling.
Laugh! Not a request.


  1. Try "Fido". You'll like it.

    1. I keep waffling on that one, because on the one hand it looks fantastic, but on the other...y'know...*zombies*. Darling, I can't even watch "Shaun of the Dead" without nightmares!