Warning: Expect foul language. I often blog when sleep deprived, and even when I'm not sleep deprived I cuss.
Warning the second: TMI often occurs. Read at your own risk. Feel free to laugh at my expense (I know I do!).
Warning the third: I suppose I should just put a general Trigger Warning here. I talk about mental illness (Anxiety, panic disorder, depression, social shit), abuse (rarely), and my fucked up relationship with food. And...other things. Actually, just consider this a general warning: If you might be triggered by things, you probably should read no further.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Auntie Mame

My life is currently in a state of flux. Change is happening faster than I can keep up with. But that's okay.
I love the movie "Auntie Mame" with Rosalind Russell. I mention this because when I'm feeling like I need motivation, or to be reminded of why I'm doing something, I hear her voice in the back of my head. "Live! Live! Live! Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!" It's kind of become a mantra for me, and a goal. I have a mental illness, multiple actually. I have Major Depressive Disorder, General Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder and Social Phobia. I really prefer to call the last Social Claustrophobia. I don't "suffer" from a mental illness. I conquer every day, some more thoroughly than others.
I'm not really sure what to say here. I only created an account so I could follow a fan site for a Korean pop group I like. But I figured, "Hey, if I've got this account I might as well use it!"

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