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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fun times....

So, yeah, I've been sick for the last five days. What a wonderful birthday present body! Thank you! I had a good birthday in spite of it, because CHEESECAKE. I love my mother because she understands how very much I love cheesecake of any variety, but particularly when it is topped with gooey strawberry goodness.
We also were without phone or internet for two of the days I was sick, which means I missed a deadline for an assignment. The good thing about being sick was that I was too loopy to have a panic attack, and I don't really have retroactive panic attacks, so yay! I am going to print the assignment up at school tomorrow and hand it in to the teacher anyways. I may not get full marks on it, but I need to show her that I'm doing the work...even though I didn't really because I've been sick for almost a week. I mean...I have all the sources, but I'm supposed to write up an annotated bibliography and hadn't actually done the writing before I got sick. Lesson learned...except probably not because I know myself and my mother really should have given me the middle name of "Procrastination" instead of "Marie". Procrastination would have been more accurate.
Fortunately, this last internet outage and the looooong wait for repair finally convinced my mom to switch companies. Yay!!!!!!!!! For the first time in twenty something years, brace yourselves, my mom is going to have tv! Well, probably. She's going back and forth on it, but I think she's going to go ahead and do it, because she's sick of the stuff that my stepdad keeps picking to watch and cable would give her more options. Though considering the completely depressing movie they're watching right now about a little boy who starves to death in a hidden cupboard when his parents were taken away by the Nazis...I don't know that she has much room to point fingers. Well, okay, it *is* better fodder than K-9000, I have to admit.
So now I have to go work on the schoolwork I've been too loopy to work on for the last few days. Yay thousands of words to go!!

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