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Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Glories of family

I will not punch my elders. I will not punch my elders. I will not punch my motherfucking elders in their patronizing, know-nothing fucking faces. My step-step-grandfather thought it would be appropriate to interject into a conversation about education that my brother and I were having a comment to the effect that I had wasted my education. Excuse me? Where the fuck do you get off? Mr. Sanctimonious, Ignorant and Ill-informed Super-White Republican. I mean, you don't get much whiter than Swedish-American (Unless it's Norse-American). Who the fuck are you to tell me anything? I can respect that you are a member of the Greatest Generation, but that says nothing for you as an individual. You didn't pursue higher education, and, up until I ended my marriage and pursued education full time, you didn't think I'd wasted a damn thing by going straight into the workforce. I can't say anything to your fucking face because it's a family gathering and I'm supposed to respect my elders. And I will treat you with respect you self-righteous asshole, but this is the last fucking straw. You may never know it, but today you just lost the last shred of respect I had for you. Finito. That's all she wrote. I will be polite to you til the day you die, but that's it. And after you die? No, I will not be one of those nice people who eulogizes you. I will straight up say what an insensitive and ignorant asshole you are. My family may be able to stop me from saying it now, but I will mock your ignorance and idiocy forevermore. I don't care if it's not classy. I don't care if it's not nice. I'm sick to fucking death of being nice, courteous and respectful to people who don't deserve it. You, sir, are a bigot and a fool, and I will do all in my power to avoid becoming you.

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