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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Because that's just how I roll....

So...yeah. This past week has been kind of stressful. I had to compose two melodies for Music 101 and had a week in which to do it. However, I also had a presentation and paper due for two of my other classes. So I worked really hard on those for that whole week...Only to find that they weren't due 'til NEXT week. Also, frustration with Youtube, fair usage rules, and an inability to contact copyright holders to see if I could host a video on Youtube for the purposes of a freakin' school assignment. Seriously, you're going to protest against me using THIRTY SECONDS of shows that have (at the minimum) over 16 hours of footage? Seriously?!
So, I had only finished the first four bars of (combined) 16 bars of music assigned, when I got to school and found out that I had to do it in pen and in a different clef (well, at least the first one). Before that I had forgotten to take my meds. So I was working really hard on this music, and remembered I had to title it...I thought "FML" was an extremely funny and appropriate title...until the teacher first misread it ("FMC?" "No, it's an L"), then didn't understand ("What's FML mean?" <class breaks into giggles>), and then had it explained to her by one of my classmates ("It means... F my life." sympathetic look from the teacher "Oh, sweetie").
*pops collar* Yeah, that's just how I roll. Hey, I only made one mistake in the music, so there's that.

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