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Monday, May 7, 2012


So I was checking the weather reports today to see if it might be warm enough to wear shorts or capris (it's on the line, so I went with jeans). Looking at the city my college is at "69% Humidity", looking at the city closest to my small town "74% humidity". Being who I am, I of course decided to check the town I'm planning on moving to next year "7% humidity".... O.O It's been so long since I've lived in a low humidity place that my mind kind of boggles at this. It also does a happy dance, because humidity is the second biggest thing that effects my fibro.
I still have another year to get through though, and I need to work REALLY hard at school if I'm going to get my grades where they need to be to get into the linguistics program. I still haven't taken the math placement test because, well, MATH. Math and I have a mutually antagonistic relationship. We should probably see about mediation or something, because I doubt it's healthy for either one of us.
All kidding aside, I need to buckle down and study for the math...while finishing all my english projects...and communications projects...and daily assignments...and keeping up in music...and... *sigh*

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