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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Thoughts on Living Forever

I found out one of my old, dear friends I lost contact with had gone through some serious health trials. I started talking to her in my head tonight. I do things like that. I have conversations in my head with all sorts of folks on all sorts of topics. I digress though.
In my head I was talking with her at her house and I told her she would live forever. And this is the best I can replicate this conversation that happened in my head.
You're going to live forever, because I love you. You're going to live forever because lots of people love you. Even if this body fails on you, you will still live forever. Because even if this body fails you will still live in our hearts and minds. We will still speak to you as we would were this frail body still around. You will live forever because there is just too much love for you to let you go. You will live forever, because when we grow old we will tell stories about you and you will live in our children's, grand-children's, great-grand-children's hearts and minds. If we do not have children, still you will live on in stories we tell to others, and those others will tell stories to their children. Some of us are writers, and you will creep into our books and into other people's hearts because we love you. Some of us are musicians, and our music will project you out into the world. Some of us are simply people with no skill but love, and you'll live forever because you live in that love and love is infinite.

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