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Friday, June 8, 2012

Oh, people...

I get kind of annoyed with people sometimes...Well, okay, people aggravate me on a regular basis but I am currently annoyed by something in particular. I am annoyed when I accidentally annoy other people. Prime example just happened (though the person in question wasn't mean like some people are, it just reminded me of my general annoyance with stuff like this) of someone saying goodnight and that they're going offline. So half an hour or so later I decide to be funny and send them a series of links for when they wake up (only three, just for the record). In the morning. Since they told me at least a half an hour before that they were going to bed. The delay made me think it was safe to send messages without keeping them up. Apparently not. In this instance the person was very nice and simply asked me to stop since they were trying to go to sleep. But...
People aren't always nice. In fact, they often get snippy or persnickety. Now, I understand that I can go overboard with things, but...If you've told me something, and I'm acting under the impression that what you've told me is true, then why are you getting pissy? I mean, if you say "Oh, this doesn't bother me", then I'm going to assume you're telling the truth and act upon that assumption. Then you get pissy with me because apparently somehow, even though you've said something doesn't bother you, I'm supposed to just know that it does bother you.
Yes, this has very little to do with the incident that triggered the annoyance. That's because the person, while being less than accurate in their claim to be going to bed, was very clear and polite about what they wanted from me. Namely for me to stop sending links because it was keeping them up. I can deal with that, and feel apologetic. I prefer people to just fucking say something. I'm not psychic and I don't (apparently) think or react like so-called "normal" people. TELL me if I'm annoying you. If I'm getting too loud, tell me so I can quiet down. If my behaviour is not appropriate for the situation then fucking TELL me. Do you think I appreciate it when you don't? It just means I will continue to make the mistake and make people uncomfortable, not to mention embarrass myself.
So, mythical audience, that's my advice for you tonight. If someone you know is annoying you , tell them that that they are and why. Now, obviously, there are exceptions to this. If it's someone who won't change their behaviour and will try to guilt-trip you for even saying something...Get a new friend because that person fucking sucks. Obviously that won't work for family, so I'll pass on my tried and true method...actually that'd probably be a bad idea. Instead, I'll pass my mom's method on to you. Smile and ignore every word that comes out of their mouth because it's of no value.
Yes, you too can learn to be a passive-aggressive Queen in five easy steps!

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