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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


So it's almost two am and I am still awake. I'm pretty coherent too...I think. Of course, I might thing that even if I weren't. That has been known to happen. So just in case I'm going to add the relevant tag. There we go.
So was chatting with a fb friend (who's a RL Friend of a RL Friend...because I've been having that conversation of knowing "real" people on fb and how I don't have any friends in real life because I have too many fb friends...apparently. I found the whole conversation kind of confusing, I'll be honest.) when my head created a conversation that never happened. It's good at those. I wish those conversations would actually happen one of those times, because my brain makes me as articulate as SHIT...wait...that sounded wrong...I meant to imply fantastically articulate...Okay, I guess the relevant tag may indeed be relevant. BUT I DIGRESS. Conversation. That never happened.
I know why people like me. I know why people want to be friends with me. It's because I make them feel good. I don't deliberately try to, it just kind of...happens. People always find things I say amusing (even if, particularly if I don't understand why my comments were hilarious) and often tell me that I brighten their day. I'm cool with that. I dig. I'm hep. I'm happy that I can make other people happy. Good friends are people who return the favour. Who brighten *my* day and make me feel giddyhappy by their very existence. Good Friends are fantastic people who take joy in my joy, creating an infinite circle of "Holy shit, this chick must be on drugs". Well...okay, I kind of do that on my own. One of the very few benefits of wonky brain chemistry. What I'm TRYING to say is that people like me because I make them smile, and I like people who make me smile. People who only hang around as long as I make them feel good, then hit the road when I need some cheering up myself are sucktastick DouchNozzle CockNoggins who have the outright gall to try and claim they're my friend. Clue: You're not a friend, you're a fucking parasite.
I'm so glad that I don't currently have many parasites in my life. I have some truly fantastic friends.
Also, I love them even if they do sing along with that godawful Bieber song when it comes on in the mall...and even when they ask for a ride to the mall and then we're there for THREE AND A HALF FUCKING HOURS. My mom can't say I didn't get my carido today! I went from one end to the other of that mall. I think my girl genes are faulty because I friggin' HATE shopping.
Oh, and if y'all are people and not bots...blink twice for Real and five times for "I'm going to leave a comment because I"m afraid of you"
hehehe. Oh yeah, that tag is *definitely* relevant.
Also, racist douchebags can suck my nonexistent cock. Don't ever think you can harass a woman wearing a hijab in front of me. I am watching and I will FUCK YOU UP. Verbally, physically, legally, or through sheer confusion. If you fuck with a woman because you think she's an easy fucking target THINK AGAIN. I am a loud bitch with a high pain threshhold. Fear me you fucking bigots!
Oh, apparently I need another little tag. I should put a language warning on the top of my blog...

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