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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Aluminum Foil sort of happened ><. Yesterday we took Lam, my recently unofficially adopted little brother from Vietnam (international student who goes to my college) out and about for an early birthday celebration (he turned 18 today). We spent four hours tromping around the waterfront/downtown area of a picturesque local city, then came back to my house. We were all tired (and my other friend, Pauline, kept dozing off), but we decided we were going to make our costumes. It was decided that three people was not enough for a battle, so we decided to dance instead. We picked out a song and found a video that taught the dance, when we realized we hadn't even completely finished the costumes and were lagging more and more. So we quickly finished what we had and made things up as we went along while my brother filmed. It was ridiculous, silly, uncoordinated, and completely glorious.
I love my life sometimes.


  1. So where's the video??? I've gotta see this!

    1. Not my fault you weren't paying attention to twitter :P. But here ya go anyways.